Meet Our Team


Meet Our Team


Dr. George Sadowski

DR. George Sadowski, M.D.  

Chief Medical Officer

Dr. George Sadowski M.D., a leading biologist and surgeon, is the creator and developer of Nourishing Biologicals. After his 25-year career in surgery, he created the most advanced skin care and wellness products that help treat the cause, not just the symptom.

His research led him to infuse the finest ingredients into his products to improve his customer’s overall health and wellness.

In his free time, he enjoys researching about the newest ingredients and products, traveling, and implementing health and wellness into his daily life.

Andrew Carlton

Andrew Carlton


Andrew Carlton combines his personal passion and dedication to health, fitness, and sports medicine with decades of professional experience in driving successful business ventures.
His focus is to continue innovating and delivering the best quality products, ensuring our continued growth, customer satisfaction, and partner success in all markets.

Andy’s responsibilities include oversight of market expansion, distribution strategy, global partnerships, marketing, production, and logistics.

In his free time, he enjoys going to the gym and studying about health and wellness.

Natalia Sadowski

Natalia Sadowski

Director of Aesthetics and Education

Natalia Sadowski’s personal struggle with problematic skin led her to pursue a career in the skincare industry as a licensed medical aesthetician. At Nourishing Biologicals, Natalia focuses on manufacturing the highest quality products, planning and attending beauty, cosmetic and wellness conventions and events, client and distributor education, and corporate administration.

She also performs and educates estheticians on how to execute the Plasma Fibroblast Non-Surgical Facelift at the Nourishing Biologicals Skin Institute. Natalia has a Bachelor’s degree in Health Science from the University of West Florida.

In her free time, she enjoys exploring the great outdoors and practicing yoga.

Christian Sadowski

Christian Sadowski

Chief Operations Officer

Christian Sadowski has an entrepreneurial spirit and a passion for helping others meet their health and wellness goals. He has helped take Nourishing Biologicals to new heights.

He was named a top contender in the Sovereign Man Entrepreneurial Camp, which covers important topics such as how to start and grow a business, how to manage your own capital, and how to effectively sell to an optimal audience.

Christian received his bachelor’s degree in business administration with a minor in marketing from Flagler College.

At Nourishing Biologicals, Christian focuses on product delivery, inventory management, production and overall logistical support.

Graciela Latuberza

Dajuana Gotwals

Business Development Director

Dajuana Gotwals has over 15+ years in the retail industry with a proven knowledge of Cross-Functional Team Building, Leadership, Account Transitions, On Boarding, and Management while building and maintaining Customer Relations and implementing Process Improvement.

During her career Dajuana has led a team in providing superior customer management support services for some of the largest retail grocers. Dajuana is consistent, diligent, and committed to her work and the relationship she had with the retailers. She provides exceptional reporting, has managed exceptionally large data bases, and complex pricing analytics.

Dajuana Prides herself in having a “Go Get It” Attitude and always steps up to a challenge. During her down time you will find Dajuana doing DYI Home Projects or relaxing by the pool.

At Nourishing Biologicals Dajuana brings this attitude with her as she leads our B2B Business as well as helps support the Company direction in product expansion and marketing strategies.

Graciela Latuberza

Tina Rutland

Retail Support Manager

Tina Rutland has over 10+ years in the retail industry with an Account Support Management background of providing excellent retailer support while managing a team. During Tina’s career she has managed the files, systems, and support functions of some of the largest retail grocers.

Her experience allows her to bring a strong work ethic and a commitment to maintaining retailer loyalty while keeping the companies objectives in line.

At Nourishing Biologicals Tina is dedicated to all functions of supporting all retail customers with her strong eye for detail and focus on retailer relationships.

During Tina’s down time you will find her riding her Harley Davidson or at home playing with her lovely granddaughter.

Graciela Latuberza

Deanna Johnson

Director of Sales

Deanna was selected by owners to lead a global sales team, focused on growing premium revenue and enhancing the B2B experience for Sales customers, while driving sales strategy and market development. Deanna will hire, train, motivate and manage all salespeople. Responsibilities include worldwide customer service, B2B, Ecommerce sales and marketing; CRM, re-targeting, professional development; and global meetings and events.

Deanna is leading the advances in sales, CRM, and customer support, strengthening Nourishing Biologicals relationships with key B2B, Ecommerce, and global partners. Deanna is known for being a true champion of the customer. Deanna has been in Broker Sales and Management, Retail Management, Retail Sales, Retail Sales Training, Manufacturer Sales, National Sales Training and Senior Level Administration. Throughout her career, Deanna has held a variety of leadership roles including National Training Manager- Sales Operations; BID Supervisor- Customer Care; Regional Training Manager- Sales Operations; Retail Sales Manager- Sales.

Deanna is a mom, with two lovely adult daughters, and Gigi to one grandson… far. Deanna is a strong proponent for education and inclusivity for all children. Deanna has served in her local community schools as PTA President, PTA Vice-President, Booster organizer, Thespian Mom, Band/Dancer mom, Room mother, Reading partner, and overall volunteer; as well as worked as an Admissions Director in a Private school. “It takes a no child is left behind”.

Graciela Latuberza

Graciela Latuberza

Head Medical Research Esthetician

Graciela Latuberza brings 35 years of practice as a research esthetician to Nourishing Biologicals. She worked with one of the first pioneers of stem cell treatments in Switzerland years before it was widely known.

Grace’s extensive experience and in-depth knowledge in skincare granted her the opportunity to serve the Saudi royal family as lead esthetician. At Nourishing Biologicals, she continues to find the most innovative and effective skincare treatments to improve the appearance of aging skin and help men and women find the fountain of youth.