Frequently Asked Questions

1. What products are available?

Currently, the Nourishing Biologicals Brand consists of our Hydrating Cleanser, Face Serum, Skin Essence, and Eye Cream, Scar Logic, Mask Logic, Hydrating Body Cleanser, and Moisturizing Body Lotion. As a bioscience company, we are always in the process of formulating new products that can help you live the healthy, happy lifestyle you deserve. Stay tuned for future releases.

2. How does Nourishing Biologicals work?

How does Nourishing Biologicals work? Nourishing Biologicals Brand is based on the idea of Miracular Cellular Communication™, a profound discovery that allows our ingredients to repair defects at the deepest level, through intelligent and bio-dynamic communication with the cells. Essentially, Miracular Cellular Communication™ is how our skin aids in repair or resists damage.

3. Who can use Nourishing Biologicals?

If you’d like to keep your largest and most visible organ (your skin) healthy, our products are for you. They were specifically formulated for people from all walks of life, with all skin types who wish to restore their confidence and improve their overall skin health.

4. What ingredients can be found in your products?

All of our ingredients are pharmaceutical grade, the highest grade of purity available and are free of
contaminants. All of our growth factors are bioidentical, meaning that they are identical to what is naturally present in our bodies.
Other ingredients are organically sourced and free of parabens, phthalates, and harmful ingredients.

5. Where is your product line formulated?

Our products are proudly made in the U.S.A (Arizona), and our fulfillment is done in the USA (Iowa). Our headquarters are located in St. Augustine, Florida.

6. Are your products safe?

Yes! Our products are very safe and effective. In fact, 200 clinical trial participants showed no sensitivities, proving that they are gentle enough for even the most sensitive skin.

7. How long does it take to get results?

Most people see noticeable results after the first use and experience optimal results within 30 days. The key to achieving great results with our products is consistency, be sure to use them every morning and evening.

8. Are your products organic?

Although our products are mostly organic, some are not available in organic form. Rest assured they are cruelty free and our ingredients are bio-identical and pure.

9. Who founded Nourishing Biologicals?

Our products were developed by Dr. George Sadowski M.D., a renowned surgeon of over 25 years. Dr. George performed a great deal of research and testing to create products that improve skin health and function. His groundbreaking discovery led him to develop the most powerful skincare products on the market.

10. What is the NB Skin Institute?

Our NB Skin Institute is our educational destination supported by Dr. George Sadowski M.D., Medical Research Aesthetician Grace Latuberza, and Director of Aesthetics Natalia Sadowski. We provide state-of-the-art training for skin care professionals in the most technologically advanced, non-invasive procedures such as the Plasma Fibroblast Lift and Scar Camouflage.

11. How do your products treat the cause, not the symptom of skin damage?

We use antioxidants and anti inflammatories to decrease inflammation and stop damage at the deepest level. Our products allow the skin to renew its function and restore its health so you can look and feel your best.

12. What makes your products so effective?

Unlike other skincare products on the market, Nourishing Biologicals has the power to repair and nourish the skin from the inside out. Our products are carefully formulated with Nobel Prize-winning growth factors and bio-natural proteins that match those of the human body. They defend and reverse the signs of skin aging at the deepest level and before skin damage becomes visible to the naked-eye.

13. What are Nobel-Prize winning growth factors?

In 1986, American biochemist Stanley Cohen and Italian developmental biologist, Rita Levy Montalcini were awarded a Nobel prize for discovering a growth factor known as the epidermal growth factor that could grow cells. Throughout the years, the technology has advanced significantly, and we now use small active peptides that achieve the same activity as growth factors.

14. How can I stay up to date on your latest products and promotions?

Once you subscribe to our newsletter, you’ll receive regular updates on our offerings as well as useful health and wellness tips.

15. Why do Nourishing Biologicals products have an expiration date? Is it okay to use them past the expiration date?

NB skincare products are created using the best and purest globally sourced ingredients, and formulated to improve your skin from the inside out. Our skincare solutions are crafted using natural and bio-identical ingredients, botanicals, and Nobel Prize-winning growth factor technology. Although we stamp a best-if-used-by date on each product, our product tests indicate that they remain effective for 60 days beyond the expiration date.

16. Are your products vegan?

Our products are not vegan, but they are all natural and cruelty free. It is not possible for some wholesome and healthy ingredients that the skin needs to be vegan.


17. If I have a seafood or shellfish allergy, can I use your products.

We do not recommend someone with this allergy to use some of our products. Some of our products contain a nutritious seakelp extract which may cause an allergic reaction in those allergic to seafood or shellfish.
However, our Miracular Hydrating Cleanser, Hydrating Body Cleanser, and Moisturizing Body
Lotion do not contain any seakelp, and can be used by those with seafood and/or shellfish allergies.


18. I Am Starting to Use NB Skincare Products. Which NB Product Should I Begin With?

We recommend individuals who are just beginning a skincare regimen to start with our Miracular Hydrating Cleanser and our Miracular Skin Essence.


19. What is The Shelf Life Of Your Products?

The shelf life of all of our products is 18 months. You can find the expiration date at the bottom of the product. It makes sense that the product can be used safely for a short period after this date if it has been refrigerated.


20. I Am Pregnant. Which Skin Care Products Should I Avoid?

While you are pregnant we recommend that you only use our Miracular Hydrating Cleanser, Hydrating Body Cleanser, and Moisturizing Body Lotion. In addition, you should avoid all other skin care products and make-up until you have checked that the ingredients are safe to use during pregnancy or when breastfeeding.