Why Makeup Removal is Essential to Healthy Skin

Why Makeup Removal is Essential to Healthy Skin

You lead a busy life and may not have the energy or desire to remove your makeup at the end of every day. After all, it’s far easier to hit the hay and get your beauty sleep with it on. The truth is that failing to remove your makeup can seriously damage your skin. Here what may happen if you forget or choose not to remove your makeup every evening.


If your goal is to keep your skin as youthful as possible, you cannot overlook the importance of removing your makeup. Here’s why: As you go through the day, your skin becomes exposed to free radicals and other stressors which can break down collagen and lead to fine lines and wrinkles. When you sleep with your makeup on, these free radicals can make their way onto the skin’s surface throughout the entire night. The result is aged skin that could’ve been prevented.


By leaving makeup on your face at night, you’re bound to dry out your skin. This is because makeup residue can create a barrier that makes it impossible for your moisturizer to penetrate deep into your skin. Also, if you use a poor quality foundation with drying ingredients, you’ll face even more dryness.

Eye Irritation

Your eye area is very delicate. When you leave eyeliner, mascara, eyeshadow, and other eye makeup on at night, you may experience itchiness, infection, and irritation in your eyes. The makeup particles will likely make their way onto your pillow and into your eyes. In the most serious cases, keeping mascara on while you sleep may lead to cysts in your eyelids.


Just because you’re no longer a teenager doesn’t mean you’re free of acne forever. Since most makeup products are formulated with oil, they can increase your risk of breakouts. Makeup can also combine with other oil and debris on the surface of your skin, leaving you with acne, blackheads, and clogged pores.


If you’d like to look rejuvenated every morning, leaving your makeup on overnight will not do you any favors. Makeup won’t allow your skin to repair and renew itself like it’s supposed to. It can completely interfere with the renewal process and create a dull look that makes you look older than you really are.

What Can You Do?

In order to avoid premature aging, dull skin, or acne breakouts we recommend that you cleanse your face of any makeup before going to bed. Using a gentle foam cleanser with antioxidants can not only remove excess makeup, but it can help brighten and soothe the skin.
We recommend the Miracular Hydrating Cleanser as your first step to hydrated, younger, and rejuvenized skin.

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