Why Is My Skin Bad When I Eat Healthy?

Why Is My Skin Bad When I Eat Healthy?

You may have heard from a few reliable sources that switching out to-go burgers for salmon and veggies may be a way to achieve healthier skin. If you've recently cleaned up your diet but are seeing results that are contrary to popular belief, you're not alone. 

While eating healthy can help your skin in the long run, a transitional period is completely normal. Some experience breakouts once they start eating healthy — let's discuss why. 

Can Eating Healthy Cause Breakouts? 

Similar to how switching skincare products can cause breakouts, changing your diet can too. Yes, even if those new foods or skincare products are better for your overall health. 

If you recently got the itch to switch your diet and skincare products that are all-natural, then there is some information you’ll want to know. 

These breakouts are only temporary. Blemishes and pimples will be a thing of the past soon enough. Once your skin gets over the "purge" or "detox" period, there will be nothing but clear skies and blemish-free smiles. 

What Is Skin Detoxing? 

Regular breakouts and skin detox breakouts can be very different. An average break-out appears in the form of angry, red pimples that are on top or beneath the skin. 

Detox breakouts will occur in areas of the skin that are acne-prone and will happen almost instantly and out of nowhere. Usually, breakouts are caused by a change in the weather, hormones, or stress. You can expect these detox pimples to occur randomly. 

The word purge or detox can sound intense, but it isn't as bad as it sounds. It's simply a way for the body to clean itself from any unwanted processed carbs, fats, or sugars. 

Years of unhealthy eating can take a toll on your skin, which is why a detox phase is often needed. Your body is used to working extra hard to process these bad foods while still keeping everything working correctly. 

Switching up your diet will cause changes throughout your whole body, even if it was just in hopes of clearing up your skin. 

Effects of Changing Your Diet 

You can expect more than your skin to change when you switch your diet. Just as your skin has a detox period, so does your body. Here are all the other side effects changing your diet can cause and why it happens. 

Head and Neck Tension

Cutting anything out cold turkey will surely have its consequences. If you expected an immediate spike in energy and productivity, you might be feeling a bit confused right now. 

Seeing positive effects from eating healthy comes with consistency and sticking to your new diet. If your new diet is causing you head and neck tension, it may be due to the lack of sugar and processed carbs. Your body is going through a food withdrawal, and that's normal. 

You're going to have a few more days (or weeks) of food withdrawal symptoms before you start to see the positive effects — just stay focused! 

Upset Stomach or Bloating 

When switching your diet, a common side effect is a constant upset stomach or bloating. If your new diet consists of more veggies and leafy greens, they may be the culprits. 

When your diet isn't the best, you're constantly giving your body caffeine and processed sugar. When you consume these ingredients, you will see an instant change in your energy levels — they're uppers. However, with those highs come lows; when you rely on unhealthy and processed food for energy sources, you can expect a major crash a few hours after eating. 

A food crash happens when your blood sugar quickly drops. After your blood sugar drops, it can leave you wanting another candy bar or soda to ease the discomfort, which can result in a vicious cycle to start. 

How Long Will It Last 

If you're experiencing skin detox acne or food withdrawals and are wondering how long it will last, we have the answers for you. 

Eating healthier means your body will slowly give off more sustainable energy. However, you will see a dip in energy levels for a short period as your body adjusts. Once your body is no longer getting a constant supply of sugar and caffeine, and you're not getting that immediate boost of energy, you may feel more tired than ever. 

Ways To Combat Symptoms 

Considering these symptoms are your body's natural way of responding, there aren't many ways to combat the symptoms; however, we do have a few suggestions. 

Drink Plenty of Water

Ensuring you are hydrated is a great way to help prevent bloating and discomfort. Bloating is especially common if you've upped your fiber intake in your new diet. It may be frustrating for a few weeks, but your stomach will adjust in no time. 

Proceed With Caution

Cutting anything out cold turkey is bound to have its side effects. Even if you've set specific goals or promised yourself you'll never eat at a drive-thru restaurant again, it's a good idea to give yourself time to transition.

Having a balanced diet is the key to having good overall health. If you slowly transition into your new diet, the severity of your symptoms may be lessened. 

Ask a Professional 

Asking a professional is always a good idea, no matter what you're consulting them about. Whether you're confused about your breakouts, or your energy levels, asking a professional won't hurt. 

If your breakouts post-diet-change are severe, we suggest reaching out to your dermatologist. Diet changes are a common suggestion from dermatologists, so they should have some guidance to offer you. 

Be Patient

You can expect your food withdrawal symptoms and skin detox to last around ten to twenty days. It may seem like a long time at the moment, but we promise that in the grand scheme, it's worth it. 

Fatigue and breakouts are no fun, but higher energy levels and clear skin are waiting for you in the next month. 

Can You Prevent Detox Breakouts? 

There is an upside to detox breakouts; if you're experiencing mini, random breakouts shortly after you began your new diet or detox diet, that means it's working. 

When you detox your body from any bad toxins, you can expect a breakout or two in the first week or so. However, even if these breakouts are a good sign, nobody wants to deal with unwanted blemishes. But, luckily for you, they may be avoidable. 

Remove Makeup Before Physical Activities 

While detox breakouts have a different cause than other breakouts, ways to prevent them are similar.

Removing your makeup before working out or exercising is always a good idea. When you sweat, your pores tend to open up more, and you don't want all that makeup clogging up your pores. Clogged pores are never a way to help prevent acne. 

Cleanse Face Twice a Day

Here at Nourishing Biologicals, we like to say, "two cleanses a day keep the dermatologist away." We are firm believers in implementing two solid skincare routines a day; the benefits are amazing and worth the extra time. 

Opt for a hydrating cleanser, like The Miracular Hydrating Cleanser. You want a moisturizing product that is free of harsh chemicals or toxins. At Nourishing Biologicals, our products are vegan and paraben-free. 

Keep Skin Moisturized 

Keeping your skin moisturized is a good idea regardless of what causes your breakouts. Even if you have oily skin, keeping your skin moisturized will help prevent acne flare-ups.

We recommend our Miracular Skin Essence, an after-cleansing cream packed with nourishing ingredients to moisturize skin, smooth uneven texture, and prep skin for the steps that follow.

Exercise Regularly

If you've recently changed your diet in hopes of seeing results in both your skin and overall health, then this is a great time to pick up an exercise regime. 

Exercising at least two to three times a week is a great start to keeping yourself healthy. It helps aid in stress relief, reduces the risk of skin issues, stomach discomfort, bloating, and promotes healthy weight management.

If you're suffering from bad breakouts, then adding a gym day or two may help clear up your skin. 

Eat Certain Fruits and Vegetables

With your new diet in full swing, here are some fruit and veggies that can help clear up your acne. 

Any food containing zinc, vitamin A and E, and antioxidants is great for your skin. If these aren't already staples in your new diet, we suggest adding blueberries, salmon, dark leafy greens, and nuts. 

Eating Clean Means Clear Skin 

You may experience a few minor breakouts when you begin a new diet. Yes, eating clean can lead to clearer skin in the long run, but it may take a few weeks to start seeing the results. Your body has to first reset and acclimate the different foods it has to process. 

Fast food and midnight sweets are fun and all, but living a clean and healthy lifestyle is ultimately the most sustainable way to live. Your body is a temple; whether it be skincare products or your diet, you should always be conscious of the effect it can have on your health. 

At Nourishing Biologicals. We treat the cause, not just the symptoms. That’s why we encourage you to start with a healthy diet and overall lifestyle. 


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