A Guide to Travel Skincare

A Guide to Travel Skincare

If you notice any skin changes when you travel, you’re definitely on to something. 

The changes in air quality, sun exposure levels, and your typical routine — which typically come with travel — can lead to conditions like dryness, irritation, and acne. 

And if your trip is especially stressful, then you have another culprit for skin issues. 

Fortunately, skin woes can be avoided during your next trip. And this guide from Nourishing Biologicals provides you with everything you need to do so. 

Keep reading for tips on what to pack, what to avoid, and what to do for beautiful skin on your next vacation.

What Exactly Happens to Your Skin During Travel?

Some people can go on a lengthy trip and come back with glowing skin. Others, on the other hand, may experience dryness, dullness, and an increase in breakouts. What gives?

Well, depending on your destination, there are many reasons why going away can trigger skin problems. 

Consider some of the following: 

  • Dry airplane air: Planes fly at very high altitudes, where the air is thin. This means that plane cabins have extremely low humidity, which can leave your skin feeling tight and irritated, especially for those with a dry skin type. And if your skin is oily, it might try to compensate by producingeven more oil. Needless to say, no one comes off a flight with better skin. 
  • Climate changes: You’ve made it through your flight, but — depending on where you land — your skin troubles may not be over. Any drastic changes in temperature, humidity, and wind can throw your skin’s equilibrium off-balance. Cold climates are notorious for drying out the skin, while hot temperatures can trigger increased oil production. 
  • Stress: Of course, no one wishes to feel stressed during their vacation. But it’s an inevitable part of being in a time pinch, getting through airport security, finding yourself in a new country, and the like. Stress is known to increase inflammation, which can trigger pre-existing skin conditions. And those without chronic skin conditions may still experience an increase in irritation, puffiness, dark circles, and dullness. 

How Do You Prepare Your Skin for a Trip?

We can’t change the climate of our destination — or the many other factors giving us skin troubles — but we can certainly prepare our skin for what it will face. 

Here are three ways to prepare your skin for your next trip: 

1. Eat Healthy Before Departing 

Vacation is the perfect time to indulge, which can spell trouble for your skin. You should definitely enjoy yourself during your trip, but try getting a little strict with your diet in the week before your departure.

We recommend avoiding foods that can trigger inflammation, as this can cause or exacerbate skin problems. 

It’s also important to stay very well-hydrated, which — of course — involves drinking tons of water. But your diet also plays a role in your skin’s moisture levels, with healthy fats from sources like fish, avocados, and nuts being able to significantly improve skin texture.

If you’re taking a long flight, make sure to avoid too much caffeine and alcohol leading up to it. This way, you can actually get some rest on the plane. And to avoid highly-processed airplane meals, try to eat something healthy before you board. 

2. Treat Your Skin to Some TLC

If you want your best skin on vacation, consider giving your skin some TLC leading up to your departure. Doing a nourishing face mask beforehand, for example, can help you feel bright and glowy when your trip arrives.

On the day of your trip, try to keep things as simple as possible. Use a gentle, fragrance-free cleanser, like our Miracular Cleanser, in the morning. Follow this up with a gentle toner, a simple face moisturizer to lock in hydration, and some eye cream for a brightening effect in your eye area. If possible, try not to wear makeup as it can clog your pores, especially if it’s on all day. 

As you travel to your destination, you can also give your skin extra moisture with a refreshing facial mist. 

3. Hydrate, Hydrate, and Hydrate Some More

If you’re flying, you’re bound to experience a major drop in your hydration levels. To prevent dehydration, it’s recommended to drink about eight ounces of water every hour

If you’re on a long-haul flight, this might mean getting up several times to use the bathroom. But this is actually a good thing! Moving around will boost circulation and oxygen while preventing muscle cramping. 

If you tend to get cold on flights, avoid cold beverages and try to drink warm liquids instead. You can bring an empty thermos along for your flight and ask a flight attendant to fill it up with hot water. Then add your favorite ingredients, such as fresh lemon or herbal tea, so you enjoy sipping throughout the night. 

What Skincare Should You Pack for a Trip?

Many people don’t have the luxury of packing everything they want. Especially for those who bring their carry-ons only, space is a serious consideration. So, make the most of what you pack with you with the following travel-size skincare products. 

1. Facial Cleanser

A face wash is a non-negotiable skincare product. At the end of every night, it’s important to wash your face to avoid breakouts. 

Our Miracular Cleanser is gentle, so it won’t irritate skin affected by the stress of travel. Plus, it’s 1.7 ounces, so it will fit perfectly into your carry-on. 

2. Hyaluronic Acid Serum 

Some travel destinations make your skin especially prone to drying out. Hyaluronic acid is an excellent way to replenish some of that lost hydration. Found naturally in the skin, hyaluronic acid draws moisture to the skin’s surface, providing a smoothing and plumping effect. 

Our Miracular Serum contains ample amounts of hyaluronic acid and — at 0.7 ounces — is a perfect travel-friendly companion. 

3. Sunscreen

Regardless of your travel destination, broad-spectrum sunscreen or sunblock lotion is a must — preferably SPF 50 or higher. 

You may even consider wearing it on your flight. That’s because airplane windows aren’t good at filtering UVA rays, which are responsible for accelerated skin aging. To protect your skin, make SPF your best friend during your trip. 

4. Face Mist

A hydrating mist is an easy and convenient way to quickly refresh your skin. Most hydrating mists contain water as their first ingredient. So, if your vacation has zapped moisture from your skin, spraying it with a hydrating mist every few hours can keep it soft and dewy. 

5. Vaseline

Vaseline is an all-in-one skincare product that can be applied anywhere on the face or body. If you have cracked lips, cuticles, elbows, and so on, then vaseline will quickly soothe them. It can double as a makeup remover, lip balm, or body lotion, so you can downsize on your other travel toiletries.

What Are Some Other Travel Skincare Tips? 

We’ve got your travel skincare routine covered, but there are plenty of other tips for getting your best vacation skin yet.

Here are some tips to follow on your next trip: 

  • Avoid harsh skincare ingredients: Your skin is bound to get stressed from travel. So, avoid using active skincare ingredients that are known to cause irritation. This includes most acids, retinol, and even clay masks. Instead, reach for soothing botanical ingredients, such as those in our Miracular Line
  • Leave the non-essentials at home: If you’re traveling with a carry-on only, leave precious space for other travel essentials. When it comes to skincare products, you’ll be more than fine with the basics. Your vacation is not the time to address serious skincare concerns, so try keeping it as simple as possible with multi-purpose products. 
  • Avoid experimenting with new products: Vacation is generally a bad time to experiment with new skincare products. If something goes wrong, it can seriously take away from the enjoyment of your trip. For this reason, it’s a good idea to stick to products you have used in the past that work for you. 

The Perfect Travel Skincare From Nourishing Biologicals 

Your skin is bound to experience some extra stress when you travel. For this reason, it’s important to avoid harsh skincare ingredients, keep hydrated, and stick to skincare products that work

At Nourishing Biologicals, we create skincare products from natural botanicals. Our products are clinically proven to improve the appearance of skin without irritating it. And since all our products are three ounces or less, they’re the perfect addition to your carry-on. 



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