15 Benefits of Sea Kelp Extract For Skin

15 Benefits of Sea Kelp Extract For Skin

Ingredients with the amount of antioxidants that sea kelp can provide will benefit your skin and overall health. 

Here at Nourishing Biologicals, we love the thought of using ingredients that mother nature herself has given us. If you're unfamiliar or are on the fence about adding sea kelp to your skincare routine, we want to present a handful of ways sea kelp extract can benefit your skin. 

What Is Sea Kelp? 

Sea Kelp isn't just a tasty treat for marine life; it’s also beneficial for your skin. Sea Kelp is a brown seaweed that grows on the ocean floor. Sea Kelp is a type of algae and is very high in antioxidants and nutrition. 

There are 30 different species of sea kelp. Not only can sea kelp be applied topically for skincare, but it can also be eaten. When applied topically, sea kelp can be beneficial for your skin, and when eaten, it can be beneficial to your health. 

Can You Eat Sea Kelp?

Before we get into the skincare deets, let's talk about how eating sea kelp can benefit your overall health. 

Sea Kelp is a type of seaweed, which means it is high in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Your body needs these essential minerals and vitamins to perform at its highest level, including:

  • Iodine
  • Vitamin K
  • B vitamins
  • Iron
  • Zinc
  • Omega-3s

Integrating sea kelp into your diet can benefit your bones, hair, teeth, support thyroid health, hormonal imbalances, and help boost energy levels. If eating sea kelp can cause a ripple effect of benefits to your health, imagine the impact it can have on your skin!

People often put their sea kelp or seaweed into all kinds of dishes —- it's a very versatile ingredient. Whether you decide to put it in your post-workout smoothie, or if you add it to your soup or salads, we say start sooner rather than later. 

Sea Kelp For Skin Care 

Now that you know what sea kelp is and why you should start eating it, let's talk about why you should start using sea kelp products on your skin. 

Rich In Vitamins and Minerals 

Sea Kelp is high in nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. All of which are great for your skin and overall health. Of course, if you're only applying sea kelp topically, then you won't see a change in your energy levels or health — that's what eating it is for. 

Youthful Benefits 

Since sea kelp is ultra-nourishing and moisturizing, it is thought to have anti-aging properties. One of the best ways to lessen the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles is by keeping your skin as moisturized as possible. 

Reduce The Appearance of Cellulite 

While we're mostly focusing on sea kelp benefits for the face, that's not to say we don’t want to keep you informed on all its other benefits too. 

This may take you by surprise, but Sea Kelp can help lessen the appearance of cellulite.

Everyone has cellulite, and while you may not love it, it is a part of your body, and just that reason alone means there is nothing wrong with it whatsoever. 

Sea Kelp is used as body wraps to draw out toxins from the body that may cause cellulite. 

Clears Skin and Unclogs Pores 

Using a cleanser or moisturizer with sea kelp as an ingredient may help clear your acne and unclog your pores. 

We always say the best way to get your clogged pores under control is by having a good exfoliation treatment in your skincare routine. You want to exfoliate around two to three times a week for optimal results. 

Over-exfoliating can result in overly oily or severely dry skin; however, it can be dependent on your skin type. 

Moisturizes Skin 

Do you have severely dry or flakey skin? Well, Nourishing Biologicals may have a solution for you. Thanks to sea kelps high mineral content, our Miracular Face Serum is super moisturizing and helps your skin lock in hydration. 


There is a difference between puffy skin and plump skin. Plump skin makes you look lively and healthy, whereas puffy skin can make you look swollen or bloated. 

Sea kelp leaves a youthful glow on your face without leaving a greasy or sticky feeling behind. 

Draws Out Toxins 

Sea kelp can penetrate the skin and draw out any unwanted toxins from your skin. We're talking about excess fluids, dead cells, and bacteria — all the bad stuff that leaves your skin looking and feeling puffy and dull. 

Reduces Dullness

Since sea kelp detoxifies the skin it will give it the glow it needs.

Restores Youthful Complexion

Everybody gets older, but that doesn't make expecting it any easier. If you're in your teens or early twenties, you can (luckily) skip ahead to the next heading. The fact is, aging is a natural way of life. But that doesn't mean wanting a youthful complexion is necessarily a bad thing.

Using sea kelp daily can help restore your youthful complexion thanks to its high concentration in vitamins and minerals. Plus, those hydrating properties can be life-changing. 

Regulates Oil Production

Certain seaweeds have been shown to decrease oil production, hence, why they can be helpful for people that have extra oily skin. 

Soothes Sensitive Skin

Sea kelp and other seaweeds can be seen as the aloe vera of the sea. They're super soothing and often help soothe skin issues like acne and rosacea. 

Exfoliates Dead Skin Cells 

Believe it or not, sea kelp works as a great exfoliator. Often exfoliators can be very harsh on the skin and are usually made up of synthetic ingredients that can irritate the skin. 

Sea kelp and other seaweeds can gently help remove dead skin cells without irritating your skin. 

Brightens The Skin 

Anything that brightens the skin for a healthy glow is a must-have in your skincare routine, right? Having bright and glowing skin instantly leaves you feeling more comfortable and confident than before. 

Diminishes Appearance of Fine Lines and Wrinkles

Aging is inevitable, but that's not to say there aren't ways you can keep your skin looking young and youthful. 

Sea kelp and other seaweeds are also thought to diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles with regular use. 

Try Miracular Skin Essence

The Miracular Skin Essence provides the ultimate formula to boost hydration and enhance radiance. It helps to protect the skin moisture barrier while still giving you a vibrant glow. 

In addition to nourishing sea kelp, our Miracular Collection also has high concentrates of hydrolyzed collagen, which can work wonderfully with many skin types.

Essential Ingredients To Include In Your Skincare Routine

Yes, sea kelp is beneficial to your skin. However, we’d like to keep you informed of any other elements or ingredients that will also help benefit your skin's health. 

Green Tea Extract

Another natural ingredient we include in our products is green tea extract. Green tea extract provides tons of needed antioxidants, helps calm upset or irritated skin, and helps tighten your pores. 

Cucumber Extract

Cucumber extract provides a cooling and soothing sensation to your skin. If you’re in need of a self-care spa day, we’ve got you covered. There are few things less indulgent than a spa day complete with a cucumber mask.  

While putting cucumbers on your eyes during an at-home spa night might feel slightly swankier than just using a cleanser, like our Miracular Hydrating Cleanser, with cucumber extract to help cool and soothe dry, red, and irritated skin.

Shea Butter

Shea butter works to deeply hydrate, soften, and moisturize the skin and will leave you feeling soft and supple for a youthful glow.

Hyaluronic Acid 

Hyaluronic acid will leave your skin feeling hydrated thanks to it’s humectant properties. This means it's a substance that helps your skin hold onto water. 

Hyaluronic acid can even help build your skin barrier.

Make Sea Kelp A Part of Your Skincare Essentials

Sea kelp is an ultra-nourishing natural ingredient often used in skincare products. It offers many benefits without the worry of causing breakouts or clogged pores. This Aloe vera of the sea is super soothing and has a great deal of vitamins and minerals vital for your skin's health. 

At Nourishing Biologicals, we always suggest you follow a proper skincare routine with quality ingredients. We want to provide you with the best results possible, which is why we use sea kelp and other natural ingredients in our products. 


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