A Doctor-Approved Night Time Skin Care Routine

A Doctor-Approved Night Time Skin Care Routine

If you've had the same skincare routine for years, don't worry, you're not the only one. For the longest time, people would implement the same skincare routine regardless of the time of day. 

However, skincare experts everywhere have concluded your skin deserves two different skincare routines a day — why you ask? 

Your morning and evening skincare routines serve entirely different purposes. If you want an updated and well-explained nighttime skincare routine, Nourishing Biologicals is here to help!

Nighttime Vs. Daytime Skincare Routine

Your skin changes throughout the day, and depending on the stage your skin is in, you'll need different skincare products to nourish it the best way possible. 

When you sleep, your body goes into its rest and recovery mode, which is why your dry skin does most of its healing in those dark hours. Sleep is one of the biggest components of healthy skin. 

In fact, sleep is even more important than good nutrition for healing wounds. 

When you start your skincare routine in the morning, your primary focus is to protect your sensitive skin against the outside world. Sunscreen, serums, and other protectants are often applied prior to leaving the house.

Your nighttime routine should be focused on recovery and repair, so you want to give your nighttime skin all the TLC it deserves. 

Average Morning Routine

You're rushing around the house, applying sunscreen and concealer, then you're out the door — does this sound like your average morning routine? Even if you always plan to give your skin the works, we know how that snooze can grab hold of anyone. 

If you answered yes to the first question, then we've got some news for you: it's time for a new morning routine, which is why we want to give you an elevated one that will meet all your skincare needs. 

Start With Cleanser 

Grab a good cleanser, not just any old bar soap; we're talking a nourishing, quality cleanser, like our Miracular Hydrating Cleanser

Cleansing your skin in the morning is an important step as it washes off any dirt, debris, or product your skin may have grasped during your beauty sleep. 

You want the rest of your routine to go in this order: toner, weekly exfoliation, serum, eye cream, sunscreen. Even if you're running late for work, skipping sunscreen often can lead to long-term and irreversible damage to your skin. 

Skin damage can vary from sunspots, sunburn, pigmentation, and premature aging. 

Now, let’s dig into your nighttime routine. 

Nighttime Skincare Routine 

Your nighttime routine should focus on cleansing your skin properly and applying all the components that will help nourish your skin and repair overnight.

Step #1: Makeup Removal

Removing your makeup is just as important as putting it on. If your makeup isn't completely removed, this can lead to clogged pores and breakouts

If you usually skip a makeup removal product and just use your cleanser, you may want to consider ditching this habit. But, you should be using makeup removal for the majority of the week as it ensures every little bit of makeup is washed off. 

Step #2: Cleanser

Now that your makeup is off, you can grab your trustee cleanser and get to scrubbing – well, gently cleanser, but you catch our drift. 

You don't need a special cleaner just because it's nighttime; all you really need is a cleanser that’ll rid your skin of any bacteria your make removal left behind. You can use a cleanser that is made for both morning and night.

Step #3: Exfoliate

exfoliate once or twice a week – but never twice a day. Whether you decide to exfoliate in the AM or PM is a personal preference. However, we're big fans of nighttime exfoliation. It makes your nightly self-care routine feel that much more luxurious. 

Step #4: Essence 

Skin essence is considered a crucial step in Korean and Japanese skincare routines. This water-based product has recently picked up major popularity as people are seeing ideal results after just a few uses. It's even thought to be more important than moisturizers. 

You will want to apply essence before applying night creams, eye creams, or moisturizers. 

Step #5: Eye Cream 

Your eye cream should work wonders on your skin with the previous essence application tonight. 

Step #6: Serum

You want a serum that will penetrate deep into your skin and help replenish and rejuvenate your skin after a long day.  Vitamin C enriched serums are rich in antioxidants and will leave you feeling rejuvenated when you awake from your slumber. 

Step #7: Moisturizer

After a long day of makeup, sun exposure, and everything else your skin goes through, you want to go to sleep with a thick layer of moisturizer on your skin. 

Sleeping can actually leave your skin and body very dehydrated. That's why moisturizing and hydrating before bed are both crucial. 

Not only is properly moisturizing morning and night important for the day-to-day health of your skin, but it's also important for the future of your skin. Ensuring your skin is moisturized can help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and may prevent premature aging

Bonus Step: Weekly Face Mask 

While face masks shouldn't be done every day, that's not to say a weekly face mask isn't a nice treat-your-self moment. Everyone loves feeling special, and there is nothing more special than turning your nighttime routine into an at-home spa night. 

It can be hard to find quality face masks at any old store. They're often full of unnecessary synthetic ingredients that aren't great for your skin. 

Best Ingredients for Face Masks

Olive Oil 

Olive oil contains high levels of vitamin E, which offers a layer of protection. Not to mention how moisturizing olive oil is for your hair and skin. 

Coconut Oil 

Coconut oil is great for your face and other parts of your body. People even use coconut oil to help soothe and moisturize razor burns. 

Lathering yourself in coconut oil after a hot shower or bath is arguably one of the best feelings. 


Not only is avocado delicious, but it's also great for your skin! Avocados are rich in healthy fats, omega 3s, and antioxidants, making them a healthy snack and skincare product. 

Aloe Vera

If you've ever gotten sunburnt, then chances are you've used aloe vera to soothe your achy skin. Aloe vera has naturally soothing and cooling properties and can leave your skin feeling extra moisturized. 


Another tasty snack that is beneficial to your skin: oatmeal. You may have started seeing an increase in oatmeal in hair and skin products. That's because oatmeal has tons of benefits to offer. 

Oatmeal helps reduce skin irritation, and it has natural lipids that moisturize and soften the skin. Mother nature gives us everything we need for our skin.

Prioritize Your Night Skin Care Routine

The bottom line is that your night and morning skincare routines serve entirely different purposes but are equally important. Daytime is to armor and protect, and nighttime is to repair and rest. Your skin goes through a lot every day, so giving it all the TLC it needs is essential. 

At Nourishing Biologicals, we believe that great skin starts with quality ingredients and a solid skincare routine. Building your own skincare regimen can be a challenge if you don’t know where to start. 

That’s why our products are scientifically curated formulas with the highest concentrations of clean ingredients to renew and restore your skin.


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