How To Make Scars Less Visible

How To Make Scars Less Visible

“It’s easy for someone to joke about scars if they’ve never been cut.”
― William Shakespeare –

There are individuals out there who actually love their scars and feel they are the marks of character and even interesting conversation starters. To others, scars are a symbol of the original tragedy or a disfiguring loss. Depending on the scar's origin, a person might feel proud or shameful of the legacy that is left behind.

The common thread throughout the healing process is the presence of inflammation which forms the scar. Wounds with no or minimum inflammation, even in adults, repair rapidly and exhibit minimal scarring. To improve the appearance of scars after a surgery or injury, it's best to begin a treatment plan as soon as the wound is healed, however, even older scars can be improved and sometimes smoothly restored.

Wound healing begins in three predictable stages consisting of coagulation, granulation, and scaring. Any imbalance between these stages can cause an excess of fibrotic tissue or the growth of a keloid scar which does not have the same appearance or function as normal tissue. The scars cause a deformed cosmetic appearance as well as a distressing psychological impact that results in a decreased quality of life.

The topical administration of anti-inflammatories, anti-oxidants, hyaluronate, polyphenols, collagen, polysaccharides and growth factors form a logical approach to advance scar free wound healing. Utilizing scientifically researched products such as; NB Scar Logic, heals the scar at the most cellular level by delivering the essentials the skin needs to blend in and smooth out scar growth. The product is powered by miracular cellular communication technology that supply your skin with the nutrients it depends upon to maintain its health. Since no single approach is successful to produce a scar-free wound healing, a combination therapy with multiple ingredients; such as this, may be what is required to produce minimal scarring and reverse the signs of damage.

George Sadowski, M.D.
Chief Medical Officer of Nourishing Biologicals

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