How to Get Your Skin Spring Ready

How to Get Your Skin Spring Ready

Winter can leave your skin dull and lifeless. Now that it’s finally spring, it’s a good idea to brighten it up. As long as you’re consistent and have the right products by your side, you should have no issues doing so. So without further ado, here’s how you can get your skin spring ready.

Exfoliate Your Dead Skin Cells Aways

The cold winter days may have left your skin dry and flaky. To give it the renewal it deserves, exfoliate a few times a week. By doing so, you can remove dead skin cells and give your skin a beautiful glow. Use a mild exfoliator and apply it to clean, dry skin. Then, wet your fingers and massage the scrub over your skin. Rinse it off completely and pat your face dry.

Restore Hydration with a Moisturizer

Even if you have oily skin, now is the ideal time to moisturize. As long as you choose the right product, moisturizing can boost brightness and improve skin tone. Try our Skin Essence, which will nourish and hydrate your skin, restore its youthful radiance, and give you that beautiful glow you’ve been longing for.

Say Goodbye to Heavy Foundation

If you used a heavy foundation in the winter, it’s time to swap it for a tinted moisturizer. This can lead to a dewy complexion and eliminate a “cakey” look. For extra coverage, apply concealer to your areas of concern. We have no doubts you’ll love the feeling of minimal makeup throughout the warmer months.

Treat Yourself to a Professional Skincare Treatment

One of the best ways to give your skin that extra oomph this spring is to invest in a professional skincare treatment. The HydraFacial can exfoliate your skin and infuse it with skin boosters and anti-aging serums to give it an instant glow.

Another option is microneedling, which can stimulate collagen production and leave you with fresher skin. If you have “peach fuzz,” dermaplaning can give you a clean complexion. There are plenty of great skincare treatments options out there so consider your unique goals and all the options out there before you select one.

Don’t Forget Your Serum

Serums can do wonders for your skin during every season. In the spring, we suggest using a lightweight serum that you can wear under your moisturizer or makeup. Consider our face serum as its powerful ingredients like collagen peptides, growth factors, and hyaluronic acid can repair and rejuvenate your skin at the cellular level.

Clean or Replace Your Makeup Brushes

Just like your home, your makeup brushes could use some spring cleaning. Use soap or a makeup brush cleanser to massage their bristles. Then, rinse them off, and dry them with a clean towel. If you have any brushes that are long past their prime, don’t hesitate to toss them and find some replacements.

With these tips, you can look and feel your best this spring season and beyond.

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