How do scars form and what the skin needs

How do scars form and what the skin needs

Reading about scar tissue formation can put you to sleep, unless of course, you are unfortunate enough to have one that is unappealing and makes you feel self-conscious. Scars can be formed for various reasons including: a scrape, cut, injury, burn or any inflammation to the tissue. A scar is the body’s natural way of healing by replacing lost or damaged skin through a series of predictable stages consisting of coagulation or stopping the bleeding, granulation or filling in of the skin defect, and extracellular matrix (ECM) remodeling or the tension and other forces that impact the scar tissue that remodels the scar. Although, the scar is remodeled by the ECM, it does not have the same appearance or function as normal tissue.

Studies show that the quality of the scar can cause significant psychological issues due to the physical unappealing cosmetic appearance and the distressing psychological impact that results in a decreased quality of life. Displeasing scars bring back the anguish, and a feeling of shame. Under inflammatory conditions, scar remodeling can evolve into excessive fibrotic tissue, producing a keloid scar.

Many intra-cellular factors are engaged in reshaping the scar’s appearance and its continued physical repair. A scar may appear flat, lumpy, or sunken. The alteration in color deviates from its neighboring skin up to five years later. It may be painful or itchy. The final look depends on many factors, including the skin type and the location on the body, the direction of the wound, the type of injury, age of the individual, and their nutritional status.

Utilizing scientifically researched products such as, NB Scar Logic, treats the scar at the most cellular level. The growth factors, vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants, hyaluronate, polyphenols and collagen building ingredients help bring back the skin’s natural glow as it renews from the inside out. Much needed relief comes when the scar’s roughness smooths out, providing peace of mind and a much-needed emotional lift.
George Sadowski, M.D.
Chief Medical Officer of Nourishing Biologicals
Scar Logic
“ I have had a scar for quite some time on my leg. I have started to use this scar cream and I can already tell a difference. My scar is already getting lighter.” - James

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