Fall In Love With Nourishing Biologicals

Fall In Love With Nourishing Biologicals

Fall in Love with
Nourishing Biologicals
this Valentine’s Day
And treat yourself to the most divine skincare you’ve ever tried.
Only it’s not just skincare. It’s therapy. Body, mind, soul therapy.
This is a love story.
Once upon a time, there was Collagen and Sea Kelp and Sodium Hyaluronate and
Epidermal Growth Factors and so many more.
Along came a biologist, Dr. George Sadowski, also one of the finest surgeons in the world.
He put them all together for Nourishing Biologicals Miracular Skin Therapy.
Skin was tired and dry and had spots,
things she was afraid would break the mirror because—
It couldn’t be—
She was aging and had suffered damage right through her dermis.
But then—
Come closer and I’ll tell you a little secret…
She received Miracular Skin Therapy.
There was Miracular Cellular Communication™
between cells and molecules through to the deepest layers of damaged and aging skin.
Healing began to happen. Skin absorbed nourishing nutrients, vitamins, and minerals day and night and then…
One day she looked in the mirror and saw that it worked. She was healed!
Skin was healthy, and more beautiful than she could remember.
And then she smiled.
Because she was happy.
It was a revelation.
Even her body felt better. Her mind was at ease. Her soul was soothed.
And Skin lived happily ever after with her Nourishing Biologicals
Miracular Skin Therapy.
Thank you, Nourishing Biologicals.
You make the world a better place.
Happy Valentine’s Day!
~ Lucía Belmontéz, author of Finding Fortune

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