Health Effects of Staying Indoors

Most Americans are spending more time indoors due to the Coronavirus Pandemic. During this time of quarantine and stay-at-home orders, we need to remember to take care of ourselves. Many of us are working stay-at-home jobs or maybe you have been told to shelter in place. This can lead to problems with our physical health due to air quality. Here at Nourishing Biologicals, we asked our resident doctor for insights on the effects of staying indoors.

A Letter from Dr. George Sadowski, M. D.

Due to the harsh external environment and the confining nature of self-isolation, we now spend extended periods of time indoors either at home or at work. While most understand that outdoor air quality is important to their health status, many are unaware of the detrimental effects indoor air pollution can potentially have on them. Indoor air pollution can aggravate many underlying medical conditions. Older adults are more susceptible to adverse health outcomes during extreme temperatures due to high prevalence of pre-existing disease, less efficient thermoregulation and poor perception of temperature exposure.

No matter whether outside or inside, there has been a strong correlation between air quality and health. Therefore, it is necessary to eliminate tobacco smoke of any form from polluting the indoor environment and the settling of cigarette toxins on household items. In addition, various indoor air pollutants have been found to be emitted from newly constructed, repainted, coated materials and furniture. Even short-term exposure to fumes from household cleaning agents, pesticides, or tobacco smoke can increase trans-epidermal water loss leading to dry and damaged skin.

Keep the Air Flowing

Dry heated air and air pollution also have a role in accelerating skin aging. Since exposure to indoor air pollutants is directly related to the size of the room, and ventilation of smaller rooms should be done more often to eliminate intensity of any odor. The concentration of harmful agents can be effectively reduced by regular ventilation whenever practical. If indoor sources of pollution cannot be removed or limited, ventilation needs to be increased. The filtration of indoor air or the presence of leafy plants can also be used to purify indoor air.

Take Care of Yourself

Human skin, mouths and nasal cavities contain billions of microorganisms, which can then accumulate and remain in the home environment. Washing of hands with soap and water, prevention of hand-to-mucous-membrane contact, and the disinfecting of household items is essential especially when sharing small spaces with multiple family members.

In addition, diets rich in vitamins A,C and D, and also zinc, should be consumed or taken as supplements, as these are instrumental in strengthening the immune system to ward off bacteria and viruses. These vitamins have also been proven of significance against the coronavirus. Plenty of liquids should be consumed as hydration maintains health and resistance to infection. 

Protect Your Skin

The algae-derived phenolic compounds contained in our products have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects on your skin. This can have a protective and renewing effect on skin exposed to indoor or outdoor irritants. These have also been shown to prevent skin inflammation, premature aging, and pigmentation disorders. You may have noticed the drying of skin and redness due to exposure to harsh environmental conditions or prolonged indoor stay. Our products improve skin hydration by 35% within 15 minutes of application. Since there are no established guidelines currently available for protecting the skin against our present conditions, it may be time to take your skin health into your own hands. Aside from reducing exposure, other protection strategies should focus on repairing the skin with moisturizers, replenishing antioxidant reserve, and reducing inflammation which makes us age.

Preserve Your Skin

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