Cucumber Benefits For Skin: Fighting Scars and More

Cucumber Benefits For Skin: Fighting Scars and More

The Science Behind Skincare: How Cucumber Fights Acne Scars

Washing your face is the starting point for any good skin care routine – but does it really matter what you wash your face with? Isn’t it enough to scrape the dirt and oils off?

Science says yes, it really does matter what you use to cleanse your face.

Cleansing your skin not only removes dirt like air pollution, it also gets rids of excess oil, makeup, sweat, and dead skin cells. Facial cleansing also helps refresh your skin and gives your complexion a chance to breath – removing layers of unwanted pollutants and environmental debris that can clog your pores.


Why use a botanical-based cleanser?

All cleansers are formulated to clean your skin – some more harshly than others.

Cleansers made with natural botanical ingredients, like cucumber, are designed to melt away makeup and impurities from your skin without stripping it of its natural oils.

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Cumber really is a miracle fruit – from elevating a classic gin and tonic, to transforming your skin – it’s a key ingredient for a reason.

Cucumber is high in vitamin C and caffeic acid, ingredients that fight inflamed and irritated skin and due to its high-water content, it sooths and hydrates. Even cucumber peel is beneficial for your skin as it contains silica, which can firm up sagging skin. Cucumber is so versatile, that even if you have the most sensitive skin, you’ll be able to use cucumber to elevate your skin.

Cleansers also exfoliate the top skin cells, making sure to clean the skin without stripping the top layer of skin of essential natural oils. Cleansing your skin also works to create a fresh palette for you to apply products like moisturizer, serums or makeup and is the perfect way to naturally brighten and refresh your skin.

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The texture, firmness and long-term health of your skin is determined by how well you take care of it, so the basic foundation in your skin care routine is cleansing your skin properly. More often than not visible signs of aging are caused by the environment, cleansers aid in unclogging pores and removing the accumulation of dirt, oils, makeup, sunscreen and air pollution.

Cleansing your skin also importantly revitalizes your skin’s circulation, boost its natural radiance and prepares it to receive the full benefits of skincare products, allowing them to fully penetrate the skin.


How do I know which cleanser is right for me?

A crowded bathroom cabinet may not be anything new as it’s not uncommon to have more than one product to get your skin clean, healthy and glowing. Your facial skin goes through a lot and changes over time, so having one product for when your skin is dry, one for when it is oily, and one for when your skin is sensitive doesn’t seem so crazy.

But instead of making more room for more products, why not get rid of the rest and get a well-rounded cleanser that is scientifically formulated for all skin types. So whether you’ve enjoyed a day in the sun and need to cleanse away a day at the beach or your skin is dry and needs rehydrated – we’ve developed a cleanser that can give you it all, no compromises, with a complete science-backed formula.

Our cleanser is a soft foaming cleanser enriched with refreshing cucumber, orange extract, green tea, and Shea butter. Not only is our it scientifically developed for all skin types, it utilizes natural ingredients that gently smooths the skin, melting away makeup, dirt, and oil, leaving your skin moisturized, hydrated, and restoring your skin’s protective barrier.

More often than not, skincare products are packed full of harsh and drying chemicals like petrochemicals, preservatives, and surfactants – detergent that after long term use can cause skin irritation and damage. Unlike other cleansers, ours prepares your skin for a process that repairs defects within your skin at a cellular level through intelligent and bio-dynamic communication with the skin cells.

Simply put, this means our cleanser tones, tightens, eliminates fine lines, and boosts your skin’s cell production.

How Estheticians say you should be cleansing

  • Before beginning any skin care routine, make sure you wash your hands thoroughly. This helps exposing your skin to additional dirt and unwanted debris.

  • Lather one or two pumps of our cleanser onto damp skin on your face and eyes for one minute.

  • Using your hands, distribute the product evenly over your face and around your eyes.

  • Lift your hands from your face and rub your hands in order create more foam to further disperse pollutants and impurities. Repeat cleansing on the face, paying close attention to your nose, eyes, and jawline.

  • Rinse with warm water and pat dry. Make sure the water isn’t too hot or too cold as this can irritate your skin.

  • Our cleanser helps prepare your skin and is best followed with our Face Serum and Skin Essence for a complete skin care routine.
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While using a cleanser should be fairly is straightforward it can be a bit of a balancing act. If you don’t use the right products, you can create excessive dryness, oiliness, and even acne – and washing your face more than twice a day with the wrong skincare solution can strip your skin of its natural oils resulting in tightness, breakouts or the over production of oil.

To start your journey to healthy, more youthful skin, check out the science behind face washing and skincare solutions.

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