Dry Skin and Acne: Causes & Treatments

Dry Skin and Acne: Causes & Treatments

Acne is no fun to deal with; trust, we know! Here at Nourishing Biologicals, we want everyone to feel confident in their skin. That’s why we create clean, clinically proven, and sustainable products that treat the cause, not just the symptoms, to advance health and wellness for all.

If you're struggling with acne breakouts and can't seem to find a solution, we're here to help. 

Whether you think your breakouts are caused by stress, diet, hormones, or dry skin, we're here to help you rule out any possibilities, as well as ways that can reduce your breakouts and get your skin glowing. 

How Dry Skin Can Cause Acne

Dry skin is one of most dermatologists' main concerns. While it may seem like acne is caused by clogged pores caused by oily skin, you must think of the root of the issue. 

Oily skin is caused when your skin is too dry. When your skin is too dry, your glands send a message to your body to produce more oil. If your skin is overly dry, it causes an excess amount of oil which in return will clog your pores. 

What Causes Dry Skin 

If clogged pores and blockage cause your breakouts, the solution may be to get your dry skin under control. Numerous reasons can cause dry skin, including: 

Cold Weather 

During the winter months, your skin is likely to dry out easier as low temperatures and low humidity have that effect on your skin. 

Certain Soaps 

Harsh soaps have an ingredient called surfactants. Surfactants are the ingredients that cause the soap to foam and the ingredients responsible for stripping away any dirt, oil, and grime. 

Of course, soaps are essential as you need to get clean; but you should always replace the oils you've stripped away with more moisture. 

Hot Showers

We all love our hot showers, but what if we told you they're the reason your acne-prone skin is so dry. That's right – when your shower or bath water is too hot, it stips your skin from any natural oils, causing your skin to dry out. 

Skin Condition

You may have a skin condition and not even know it. If you're experiencing chronic dry skin and can't find a way to help it, consider talking to a dermatologist to see if you have a potential skin condition.

Poor Diet

While we all love our sweet treats and greasy indulgences, that's not to say they don't come with their consequences. Often food high in sugars and processed fats can cause your skin to react in an unexpected way – aka breakouts. 

If you've been indulging more often than usual lately, that may be the reason you're experiencing issues with your skin. 


Hormonal acne is a much trickier fix than changing your skincare routine up and usually requires the help of a dermatologist, but you should never rule it out. 

If you've changed nothing in your diet or skincare routine but out-of-the-blue are experiencing rough breakouts, hormones may be to blame. 

Usually, hormonal acne is common in teenagers, young adults, pregnant women, or women going through menopause. If acne has been consistent, consider talking with your doctor no matter what you change. They may be able to help. 

Ways To Treat Your Acne

If you've figured out why you're experiencing these breakouts, then it will be easier to treat. It can be as simple as switching up your soaps or taking a shower that isn't as piping hot. 

If you're ready to clear your skin up, try some of these treatments. 

Establish A Proper Skin Care Routine

One of the easiest ways to combat acne is having a solid skincare routine. Once your skin is in a routine, you may see a change in how frequently you break out. 

Skincare can get tricky depending on your skin type. Often people with sensitive skin will struggle to find products that work for them without irritating their skin. If this is the case for you, we suggest steering clear of any products that have bothered your skin in the past — it's mostly trial and error. 

If you think your acne is caused by the overproduction of oil, causing your pores to clog up, then avoid any heavy oil-based cleanser, lotions, or moisturizers. These can leave behind residue that can clog your pores. Stick to oil-free, non-comedogenic products— this is a good rule of thumb for any skin type. 

Monitor Your Diet 

Suppose you aren't sure that your acne is caused by dry skin; after all, then another common culprit in your diet. Often certain foods you are eating can cause you to break out. 

Much like anything involving your skin, this can be objective as some people can eat all the junk food in the world and never get a blemish (or gain a pound), while others, not so much. 

If you'd like to experiment with your diet to see if certain foods are the cause of your acne, this is a great idea! 

First, start by cutting out any foods that are high in processed sugars and other sweeteners; if you're a big soda drinker, we suggest switching to water for a week or two, you may notice a difference in your skin.  

Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize

To stop the overproduction of oil on your face, you must ensure your skin is hydrated properly. You should be applying moisturizer, like our Miracular Skin Essence, at least once a day; however, we suggest more if you can. 

Moisturizing your face and body is so important for the health of your skin. Not only will you possibly see a change in your breakouts, but moisturizing has tons of other benefits as well. 

We know it can be tricky to know which products are good and which aren't, but we're going to get to that in a little. With the Miracular Line, you’ll have the nourishment and hydration your skin needs. 

Change Your Cleanser

Similar to how you need to randomly change your deodorant when it stops working out of the blue, your facial cleanser can do the same thing. Sometimes your skin just changes, and you need to find a different product that will work for you. 

No matter your skin type, you should always opt for anything that isn't oil-based or  non-comedogenic. 

Non-comedogenic is essentially a skincare product that can help you avoid pore blockage resulting in fewer unwanted friends popping up.

Benefits of Moisturizing Daily 

Moisturizing daily not only gives your skin an amazing glow but it can help reduce blemishes and the frequency of your breakouts. Plus a few other things too!

Slows the Appearance of Aging

Moisturizing daily may help slow the appearance of aging or premature wrinkles. The skin on your face is susceptible to the ever-changing environment. The skin on your face, neck, chest, and ears sheds skin faster than any other part of your body. 

Moisturizer adds a protective barrier from your sensitive and subtle skin and the harsh elements of the outside world. Plus, most moisturizers are at least SPF 30, so you're getting sun protection as well. 

It Can Help With Breakouts 

If you're ensuring your face is properly moisturized, this will stop your body from over-producing oils that will later clog your skin and pores. 

Some are under the impression that adding moisture to an oily face will make matters worse, but that's not the case. Once your face is properly moisturized, it should stop over-producing oil. It may feel oily for the first few days, but your skin should adjust pretty quickly. 

Ingredients That Are Good For Your Skin 

At Nourishing Biologicals, we know how challenging it is to find the best ingredients for your skin. Here are some of our favorite ingredients that may help your skin too. 

Sea Kelp 

Sea kelp is a powerful antioxidant that can help limit cell damage and promote cellular health

Growth Factors (EGF)

Growth factors can help repair the cell by producing new and healthy proteins, resulting in firmer and tighter skin. 

Hydrolyzed Collagen

Collagen is vital for your skin health. Whether you're drinking it in your coffee or applying it directly to your skin, it can enhance the skin barrier’s natural production, leaving you looking rejuvenated. 

Say Bye, Bye To Blemishes

Now that you've got tons of information on what may be causing your acne and a few ways to reduce the appearance of blemishes and breakouts, you can take your skincare into your own hands. 

Here at Nourishing Biologicals, we know blemishes can be frustrating and upsetting, but that's why we're here to help. If you want any other information on skin care products and ways to keep your skin glowing, we’re here to help. 

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