Are Hand Sanitizers Leaving
you with Dry Hands?

Are Hand Sanitizers Leaving you with Dry Hands?

These days we are all washing and sanitizing our hands more frequently to stay healthy. The Coronavirus Pandemic has even led to stores selling out of soap and hand sanitizer, since we all want clean hands. You have probably heard questions like, “Does Hand Sanitizer Work?” and “Is Hand Sanitizer Bad for You?” Here at Nourishing Biologicals, we asked our resident doctor for more information.

A Letter from Dr George Sadowski:

Hand hygiene and patient isolation are two basic principles that have long been recognized as effective methods of reducing the spread of infections. You should wash your hands with water and soap as the primary mode of intervention. If you’ve wondered how long you should wash your hands, I recommend using a bar soap for more than 20 seconds.

Alcohol-based hand sanitizers (ABHS), due to their portability, can be used when hand washing is not possible or practical. Questions persist as to what type of alcohol (isopropyl or ethanol) is effective against a particular virus as some have been reported as resistant.

As far as hand sanitizer ingredients, alcohols are drying agents that leave your hands dry and easy to injure. Loss of skin continuity from finger sticks or cracks would allow easy entry of viruses into the tissues compounding the problem. Since the loss of moisture is a sign of poor skin health, the use of moisturizers can effectively restore healthy skin.

Nourishing Biologicals Skin Essence increases moisture within the skin by 35% in 15 minutes. This builds up with repeat applications, restoring a healthy glow to your hands. Its many natural ingredients return the nutrients the skin loses with exposure to external environment and aging. Avoid moisturizers with harmful or irritating ingredients and choose a hand cream with natural ingredients to protect your hands.

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