5 Skincare Products to Avoid This Winter

5 Skincare Products to Avoid This Winter

During the winter cold months, it’s important to make appropriate modifications to your skincare routine, just like you’ll be doing to your wardrobe. Your skin has different needs in the winter than it does in the summer, so a routine that works well for you in July may not do the trick in February. To help you achieve healthy, beautiful skin this winter, we’ve compiled this list of five skincare products to avoid during the colder months.

1. Gel or Foaming Cleanser

A gel or foaming cleanser may have worked wonders on your skin in the summer. However, these types of cleansers tend to dry out the skin in the winter months. Therefore, we suggest you save your gel or foaming cleanser for next summer and invest in a cream cleanser for the winter. A cream cleanser will be gentler on your skin and add some much-needed moisture to it in the winter months.

2. Alcohol-Based Toner

Many toners contain alcohol, which can dry out your skin quite quickly. If the colder temperatures already dry out your skin in the winter, it is in your best interest to avoid these types of toners. Go for an alcohol-free toner that can remove excess dirt, oil, and makeup from your face without drying it.

3. Powder Foundation

While powder foundation won’t really hurt your skin, it can draw attention to any dryness, lines, or wrinkles on your face. That's why it makes more sense to use a creamy foundation to keep your skin looking flawless and hydrated.

4. Clay Masks

Clay masks are ideal for the warmer seasons as they can detoxify your skin by drawing out its impurities and absorbing excess oils that are on its surface. In the winter, however, clay masks can dry and dehydrate your skin. Instead of clay masks, opt for hydrating masks that can give your skin the extra moisture boost it may very well need.

5. Hot Water

Although this sounds like a silly idea, using hot water on your skin can actually harm it rather than benefit your skin. Using hot water can strip the skin of oil which is necessary for a healthy and smooth complexion. Instead, opt for using lukewarm water when you shower and cleanse your skin.

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