Our Product Lines

Logic Line

Our Logic Line has been scientifically formulated with groundbreaking technology to help rebuild the collagen and elastin in your skin. Each product in our Logic Line works effortlessly to regenerate and renew your skin - giving you a vibrant and healthy glow. Carefully created to help improve the appearance of scars, treat acne, and soothe the symptoms of eczema, our Logic Line uses natural ingredients and is not tested on animals, so you can do good and feel good.

Miracular Line

The Nourishing Biologicals Miracular Line delivers the nourishment and hydration your skin needs. Scientifically formulated to help protect your skin from premature aging, the Miracular Line helps to miraculously repair skin affected by aging and environmental exposure like sunburn and windburn. Using breakthrough technology to create this eco-friendly and natural line, you’ll see improvements in fine lines and wrinkles, dryness, redness, irritation, and flaking, and overall skin tone and texture.

Body Line

Indulge your skin with the Nourishing Biologicals Hydrating Body Line. Our science-based formula will renew your skin and lift away any dirt, makeup, and environmental pollutants. Nourish your body with our cleansing body wash, formulated with healing ingredients that clarify, including sugarcane extract, green tea extract, and shea butter. Smooth your skin’s irregularities and restore the skin barrier. 

Men's Line

Our Men’s Line has been specially formulated for men’s skin. Created by a surgeon and expert in Biochemistry, ingredients in the Men’s Line of products are more potent, making it ideal for nourishing, soothing, and renewing men’s skin. Enriched with nine revitalizing growth factors and eight different peptides, men’s aging or damaged skin can be nourished and restored, giving an overall youthful look.


3rd party Clinicals: All our products were tested for efficacy and safety in a 3rd party laboratory, which is independent from Nourishing Biologicals. It produces objective results.

GMO Free - All products are made without GMOs

Leaping Bunny Certified - Cruelty Free, never tested on animals

Non comedogenic: Our products are not heavy on the skin and will not clog pores or cause acne breakouts.

GMP - Good Manufacturing Practice (Product manufacturing)

Eco Friendly - All products are safe ecologically on the environment

Made in the USA - All products are made in the USA

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Groundbreaking Nobel Prize-Winning Growth Factors & Peptides

All products in the Nourishing Biologicals lines have been formulated with a blend of nine Nobel Prize-winning growth factors and powerful antioxidants - all to help heal damage at a cellular level.

Packed with natural ingredients like sea kelp and green tea, our products reduce skin irritations and leave your skin feeling smooth and nourished.

These natural ingredients work alongside a mix of eight different peptides, all used to stimulate your skin's collagen production and help to firm, soothe, and hydrate your skin.

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